Bring You a Ring

My idea is to shoot an abstract “documentary” at a jewelry store in downtown Los Angeles. We capture real couples coming in to buy an engagement ring. We document the people running the store and just general people shopping for bling. We cast a few interesting couples to hedge our bets on capturing a real couple willing to be photographed. My first visual thoughts in hearing the song was that we had to steer clear of too sacharine and “acted” imagery. My feeling was that we need to ground it in reality both visually and narratively. This setting and story achieves that.

These location images I shot on my phone at Rafaela Jewelry on Broadway in the jewelry district. The owner was amiable and enthusiastic about the idea of using this location. His fee was very reasonable so it fits the  budget.

I want to shoot digitally on video since we need to try and capture as much fly on the wall docu style as possible but I intend to shoot film portraits to incorporate into the edit and to have for social assets as well.

Excited by this and LOVE the song.